Our story

The birth of a Highland culture

Since years the ‘Highland’ people, also called ‘Gorals’, are living in the Tatra Mountains. An economy traditionally based on agriculture and herding. More than any other peoples, highlanders are shaped by the land they live in.

One day a man and his two sons build a mill in the mountain village they lived in and there was a new small village ‘Zakopane’. Because transportation from the lowlands was tremendously expensive, people made most of what they needed themselves. Which has resulted in handmade, sustainable and natural products; Aiviloo goods.

In the remote mountain area an own culture has developed over the past years, where the ‘Górale’ attach to their strong traditions and customs. A stubborn nation, independent, but very warm.

Untill the 19th century it remains a small mountain village. Contemporary the ‘Górale’ culture is still very much alive and the economy has adapted to a large degree to tourism but this is a logical extension of the ancient tradition of hospitality.

Today you can go to the Tatry and find the treasure of the mountains, which lies in the beauty of the scenery and the hospitality of the people.

Of all the traditional cultures in the modern, industrialized world, highland cultures have proven to be as durable as the mountains. The Górale people are shaped by their land and their love of it.

Aiviloo was created in after many trips to the guaint village ‘Zakopane’ by the Tatra Mountains.

While driving towards to family; everytime I fell in love not only with the place, but also with the beautiful accessories hand-made by the Highland people and decided more people deserve to see and wear these cultural accessories.

These accessories are made as part of the Highlanders culture and traditions; the skills are passed down from generation to generation. Each accessorize is one of a kind.